Tentative Schedule:

Week Date Topic Readings Posted Materials Deliverables
1Jan. 10 Course Overview Previous projects, requirements traps to avoid, chapter synopses
Jan. 12 Software Requirements, Requirements Engineering (steps in requirements production: elicitation, analysis, production, specification, validation, sign-off, requirements review board, requirements maintenance and management) and the Customer's Perspective Chapter 1 & 2 (Wiegers text) Notes
Chapter 1: slides, exercises, answers
Chapter 2: slides, exercises, answers
Jan. 14 Good Practices and the Business Analyst Chapter 3 & 4 Notes
Chapter 3: slides, exercises, answers
Chapter 4: slides, exercises, answers
2Jan. 17 Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
Jan. 19 Business Requirements, Vision, Scope and the Voice of the User Chapter 5 & 6 Notes
Chapter 5: slides, exercises, answers
Chapter 6: slides, exercises, answers
Jan. 21 Requirements Elicitation Chapter 7 Notes, slides
3Jan. 24 Use Cases (Context Diagram also discussed) Chapter 8 Notes slides, exercises, answers
Jan. 26 Writing Functional Requirements Chapter 10 Notes, slides, exercises, answers
Jan. 28 Developing Models (context, data flow, entity-relationship, state transition, activity, dialog maps, and use case diagrams) Chapter 12 Notes, slides, exercises, answers
UML slides pdf
4Jan. 31 Modeling Workshop I Trojan Books, sample answers
Feb. 2 Business Process Automation Project Chapter 24 Notes, slides
Feb. 4 Exam 1 (Chapters 1-8, 10 & 12) Review, 2021 exam (we didn't cover questions 9-11), answers, exam 1, answers
5Feb. 7 Agile Projects and Requirements Enginerring Tools, draft meeting agenda Chapter 20 & 30 Notes
Chapter 20: slides
Chapter 30: slides, exercises, answers
Feb. 9 Risk reduction through prototyping
Chapter 15 Notes, slides
Feb. 11 Client Meeting #1, General Factors
6Feb. 14 Specifying data requirements Chapter 13 Notes, slides
Feb. 16 Data requirements workshop I
Feb. 18 Data requirements workshop II, draft meeting agenda
7Feb. 21 President's Day
Feb. 23 Estimation Effort and Risk Management Chapter 19 & 32 Notes
Chapter 19: slides
Chapter 32: slides
Feb. 25 Client Meeting #2, Major Features
8Feb. 28 Playing by the rules Chapter 9 Notes, slides
March 2 Use case workshop I
March 4 Use case workshop II draft meeting agenda
9March 7 Prepare for meeting
March 9 Client Meeting #3, Use Cases
March 11 Prioritizing Requirements No class, recap the meeting via email
Chapter 16 Notes, slides

Spring Break, March 16-20

10March 21 Modeling workshop II Prioritizing Requirements Chapter 16 Notes, slides
March 23 Modeling workshop III
March 25 Exam 2 Review, 2021 exam (we didn't cover question 4), answers
Exam, answers
11March 28 Non-Functional Requirements (Quality Attributes), draft meeting agenda Chapter 14 (Feel free to skip section on Planguage. We'll use SMART)
Slides, notes, exercises, answers
March 30 Prepare for client meeting
April 1 Client Meeting #4, Models and Sample UI
12April 4 Embedded and other real-time systems, draft meeting agenda Chapter 26 Slides, notes
April 6 Requirements Validation and Linking Requirements Chapter 17 & 29 Notes
Chapter 17: slides, exercises, answers
Chapter 29: slides, exercises, sample answers
April 8 Requirements Management & Change Happens Chapter 27 & 28 Notes
Chapter 27: slides
Chapter 28: slides
13April 11 Prepare for client meeting
April 13 Client Meeting #5, Functional and Non-Functional Requirements
April 15 Mini Spring Break
14April 18 Project functional requirements
April 20 Formal methods, Draft agenda and plan for final presentation
April 22 Formal methods workshop Quality attributes, embedded systems, requirements managment and change management
15April 25 Plan for final presentation
April 27 Course and Project Reflection
April 29 Final Presentation
May 3 Final Exam, Tuesday, 3:00am-5:00pm (6:00pm if needed) Review, 2021 exam, answers