CSCI 446/546
Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2021

Montana Tech
Computer Science Department


This page lists the information to date on the the paper. Keep checking back for updates.

The semester paper is to be on a topic that has not been covered in class, or a covered topic on which you'd like to go into more depth. Some ideas are listed below, but if you have a topic you would like to explore, talk to me to see if it's appropriate.

Genetic Algorithms
Neural Networks
Decision Trees
Rule Based Systems
Fuzzy Logic
Case Based Reasoning

The paper should be at least 20 pages, double spaced. You may include diagrams and pictures if they help explain the concept, but you will incur a serious loss of points if your paper is primarily pictures.

Chase Farrar Decision Trees
Marcus Frisbee AI and Additive Manufacturing
Tatum Gray Fuzzy Logic (Related to Behavior Trees)
Noah Harbor Genetic Algorithms
Rebecka Lester Robotics
Andrew Moreno Chess and AI
Steven Mortensen AI in Poker
Trevor Osborne Neural Networks
Sarah Wiseman Gradient Boosting

Page last updated: December 03, 2021