CSCI 446/546
Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2021

Montana Tech
Computer Science Department

PROJECT 1 - Paper

For this assignment, students will write a report on the AI topic they have chosen in class. The report should give enough background on the topic that a person not familiar with AI would get an understanding of that particular topic/technique, and a person familiar with AI would be able to write a program using that technology.

Topics chosen are listed on the course website here.

The report should be at least 20 pages double-spaced, and turned in both electronically and on paper. In researching the topic, I expect you to go beyond what is found on wikipedia. You may use web references, but I do expect you to delve into actual research papers also. Google Scholar is one good site to search, as are many of the websites of professional organizations (IEEE, ACM, AAAI, etc.). The standard written evaluation form will be used to assess the reports.

Submission. Submit the electronic version of your paper via Moodle. Also be sure to print your paper and turn in the hardcopy!

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