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Computer Science Department

CSCI 135
Fundamentals of Computer Science I
Fall 2020


This page has useful resources and links related to the Java programming course:
Previous course web sites are also available. In the past, this course was taught using the Java language, so past course materials may not be applicable to this year's course.

Accessing the Electronic Textbook
Go to the electronics books link on the Montana Tech Library website. Scroll down to "S" and click on "Safari Technical eBooks". As a Montana Tech student, you have access to all these textbooks for free - but you will need to login through your Tech account. The first time you go to Safari, use the search box at the top of the page and search for "Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition". Click on the icon for that book, and then you can begin (or continue) reading it.

Installing Python/Idle on your Windows computer
Start by going to Python's download page. In the left hand column, under "Stable Releases", the third entry is "Download Windows x86-64 executable installer". Choose this one. When the download completes, either choose it to run from your browser download icon, or go to the Downloads directory and double click on the downloaded file. The installer should begin installation.

Follow the instructions on the installer. It is handy to check the box to create a desktop icon, and also check the box to add Python to your path. You may need to reboot your computer.

The Python shell (called Idle) will come up when you double click the icon. If you want to test code interactively, you can type it in here. If you want to edit a file, you can choose the edit button on the Python shell window, and an editor window will open.

Page last updated: June 26, 2020