Montana Tech of The University of Montana
Computer Science Department

CSCI 135
Fundamentals of Computer Science I
Fall 2020

Past Exams

In past offerings of this course, we used the Java programming language, so the example exams shown below were written with Java questions. They are still listed as study resources, though, so you can see the types of questions that might be asked, and practice the programming part using Python.

Past written exams:
Note in 2011, there was a 2-hour midterm and a 2-hour final. The exams were entirely written with no computer-based programming part. For some of the programming questions, there may be many possible correct solutions.

Fall 2014, written exam 0 [solution]
Fall 2014, written exam 1 [solution]

Fall 2013, written exam 0 [solution]
Fall 2013, written exam 1 [solution]
Fall 2013, written exam 2 [solution]

Fall 2012, written exam 0 [solution]
Fall 2012, written exam 1 [solution]
Fall 2012, written exam 2 [solution]

Fall 2011, midterm [solution]
Fall 2011, final [solution]

Past programming exams:
No solutions will be posted for the programming exams. Most of these are more difficult than what we will use this semester, but they are excellent practice.

Fall 2014, programming exam 0
Fall 2014, programming exam 1

Fall 2013, programming exam 0
Fall 2013, programming exam 1
Fall 2013, programming exam 2

Fall 2012, programming exam 0
Fall 2012, programming exam 1
Fall 2012, programming exam 2

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