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CSCI 135
Fundamentals of Computer Science I
Fall 2011


This page lists the dates of all the lectures with links to slides and examples from the lecture (if any). Readings are in the book Head First Java 2nd Edition by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. To get the most out of lectures, skim the reading beforehand (or at least look at the pictures!). After the lecture, go back and read the pages carefully and do the book exercises.

0Mon 8/22 Introduction to JavaPDFpp.xxi-xxxii
1Fri 8/26 Variables, comparisons, main()PDFCh 1, pp.1-9LeapYear  CostCalc  TwoDice
2Mon 8/29 Conditionals, loops, stylePDFCh 1, pp.10-26Summation  Powers2  SummationFor  DrawPoints  StarTriangle
3Fri 9/2 Command line, standard input, arraysPDFp.286; Using cmd line; StdIn, redirection and pipingAddTwo  SumNums  RandomNums  AvgNums  StudentAvg  Backwards 
-Mon 9/5 NO CLASS - Labor Day
4Fri 9/9 More on variables, arrays, debuggingPDFp.663; p.59 Factor 
5Mon 9/12 Graphics and audioPDFStdDraw, StdAudioHelloDraw  DrawShapes  DrawShapesColor  DrawImage  SpinningImage  SpinningImageKey  SpinningImageKeyAudio
6Fri 9/16 Static methodsPDFDiceRolling  MethodJumping  RandomUtil  PassByVal
7Mon 9/19 Classes and objectsPDFCh 2, pp.27-47Ball  BallClient  BallClientDeluxe  BallClientSuperDeluxe 
-Fri 9/22 NO CLASS
8Mon 9/26 Objects, primitives, referencesPDFCh 3, pp.49-69
9Fri 9/30 Equality, access modifiers, stringsPDFCh 4, pp.71-94; pp.668-669
10Mon 10/3 More on objects and loopingPDFCh 5, pp.95-123
11Fri 10/7 More on objectsPDFhandoutCharge  Picture  Potential
-Fri 10/14 Going over exam
12Mon 10/17 Java API, ArrayListPDFCh 6, pp.125-164ReverseLines  ReverseNums  Starfield  Star
13Fri 10/21 Building a fraction classPDFCh 7, pp.165-196 Fraction  FractionClient 
14Mon 10/24 Inheritance and objects, regular expressionsPDF Circle  CircleImage  CircleImageRotate  CircleClient  Bouncers  BouncersClient  AvgPerLine  GerundFinder 
-Fri 9/28 SGID
15Mon 10/31 Multidimensional arrays, object hierarchies PDF pp. 670, Ch 8, pp.197-233 Temp2D  7days.txt  TempRagged2D  7days_ragged.txt  Tile  NumberTile  LetterTile  TileBoard  TileGame 
16Fri 11/4 Enumerations and switch statements PDF pp.671-673
17Mon 11/7 Interfaces and sorting PDF Shape  Circle  CircleBorder  Rectangle  RectangleBorder  GrowShape  WordProb  WordProbClient  Snake  SnakeGame  SnakeTrap 
-Fri 11/11 NO CLASS - Veteran's day
18Mon 11/14 Exceptions and file I/O PDF Ch 11, pp.315-352 
19Fri 11/18 Constructors and garbage collection PDF Ch 9, pp.235-271 
-Mon 11/21 NO CLASS - Final program work day
20Mon 11/28 Statics and formatting numbers PDF Ch 10, pp. 273-314 
-Fri 12/02 Code matching rodeo, part 1
-Mon 12/05 Code matching rodeo, part 2Matching solutions

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